What is Finkenism?

What a great question. Finkenism is a gift. As the founder of Finkenism, I find it my obligation to share the beginnings of Finkenism with you. It started as a small underground movement on the streets of Saratoga Springs and has grown to more than 10 (ten) people all over the world. The idea behind Finkenism is simple, insight, thoughtfulness, honesty and blame of the internet. That's right, blame of the internet. Most things can be found online and thanks to the mighty powers that be, also known as "Search Engines", the internet's power is all around us. That is the basis of Finkenism.

Is Finkenism a Religion?

Are you dumb? Of course Finkenism isn't a religion. My goodness, where did you get that idea? It is based 100% on the internet and if there is no internet there is no Finkenism. Geez, what a dumb question.

I like Finkenism!

Of course you do. Once you've experienced a Finkenism, your life changes. My favorite Finkenism is "That's the Power of the Internet". Just sharing that little Finkenism with you has probably changed your life. You are welcome.